SIGMADESIGN – Soapbox Derby (2012)

Watch SIGMADESIGN’s entry into the 2011 Portland Soapbox Derby at Mount Tabor. Matt Cameron (VP of Engineering) and Mark Schoening (Director of Industrial Design) lead a team that built a giant iPad inspired luge-type board.

Case Study Capabilities and values

SIGMADESIGN Capabilities

What does SIGMADESIGN do? What makes SIGMADESIGN the right choice for you? These questions and more are answered in this video. Watch to learn more about SIGMADESIGN’s capabilities.

SIGMADESIGN 20th Anniversary Celebration

SIGMADESIGN celebrated its 20th Anniversary during September 2014. Of course SIGMADESIGN could not have made it to year 20 without the trust and support of our clients and employees. The celebration included a display of cars – old and new. Hope you enjoy the video!