We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts focused on product design, machine design and engineering, and manufacturing.

Coming in hot for the weekend...SIGMADESIGN firmware engineers bring your products to life. From refrigerators to smart phones to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, nearly every product today contains firmware. Our team follows best practices to design and develop solutions for any custom system. With respect to firmware engineering, we’ve got it covered.

Our team can be your expert partner for embedded-systems design and firmware development services. We leverage our expertise in firmware and IoT to transform smart ideas into smart connected products for the world's most esteemed brands.

We have developed firmware for:
+ Medical instrumentation
+ Measurement devices
+ Process control
+ IoT Sensors, Gateways, Networks
+ And more

We have over 175 years of combined firmware experience and expertise. Learn more at

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Our VP of Corporate Functions, Lindsey Dotson, will be a part of a panel discussion today with Technology Association of Oregon, hosted by JLL. Lindsey is part of the panel discussion happening at 11:30-12:30 PT.

It’s not too late to join TAO and JLL in the third and final installment of 2021’s Impact Series as they focus on Digital Transformation & Innovation and its impact on our regional economy. Through three differently formatted presentations, experts will share how successful organizations use technology to build businesses with resilience, engagement, and innovation at their core.

You can register here:

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At SIGMADESIGN we offer a complete range of welding and laser cutting services. All welding is completed in-house by certified welders with backgrounds in nuclear-cryogenic work and material sciences.

We offer precision welding which adheres to tight tolerances (0.020”) per customer specifications and procedures. Detailed and quality welding services encompass everything from small to large fabrications and repairs. We also weld sheet metal and castings in a wide variety of alloys. Our fabrication processes include: TIG, MIG, STICK, oxyacetylene, and plasma cutting. Using a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel (300 and 400 series), magnesium, and other exotic metals, we fabricate just about anything you can imagine. Working closely with in-house sheet metal and CNC machine specialists, the team produces a wide array of complex custom brackets, enclosures and fabricated parts. ⠀

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Are you responding to new demands for telehealth or additional medical device needs? SIGMADESIGN offers medical device design expertise and we can help in several ways: we provide design and engineering solutions for a variety of medical devices.

Medical advances such as pulse oximetry have been around for decades, but recent improvements in these tools increases the ability to provide better healthcare. In one of our projects, we provided design, electrical and firmware engineering services for a client requiring the enhancement of a pulse oximetry device. The challenge was to enable custom configurability of data collection by the medical sensing device, which detects and measures a number of different vital signs.

Let us assist you with medical device design solutions to meet current needs. Connect with our experts at
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However you celebrate Thanksgiving, or wherever you may be, we hope you can enjoy time with family or friends and find time to get outside!

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We have so much to be thankful for! Thank you to all of our great clients and employees for making SIGMADESIGN a great place to work. We are thankful!

From all of us at SIGMADESIGN, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Just for fun, how many SIGMADESIGN planets can you find in this image (besides the one included in our logo)?

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SIGMADESIGN is authorized via Intertek’s Panel Builder Certification program to place the ETL Listed Mark on industrial control panels that we build. The ETL Listed Mark is evidence to SIGMADESIGN’s customers, proof of compliance to North American safety standards, and is accepted by authorities having jurisdiction that the industrial control panel meets UL508a and/or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Regulatory Standards (C22.2 No.14 & C22.2 No.73)

Most industrial setting equipment installations are subject to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 79 audits, or some other kind of inspection. NFPA 79 is the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, which mandates that the industrial control panel be UL508a Listed.

So what does this mean to you? If your industrial equipment or electrical control panels need to be designed and/or built and marked as UL508a Listed, SIGMADESIGN can help.

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At SIGMADESIGN, we are driven by the desire to innovate. We design products for clients from many industries including: medical, recreational, consumer electronics, professional, and aerospace.

Solace, a wireless electrotherapy treatment system, takes standard TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to a new level of convenience with unmatched treatment flexibility. We designed SOLACE to seamlessly integrate treatment, communication and analyzation into one simple to use system.

The mobile app allows control of multiple treatment zones, treatment intensities and durations. Treatment and survey data are automatically sent to one’s care provider for review which reduces the number of steps, and time it takes for information to be analyzed. The care provider can adjust treatments and upload new data for the patient.

Learn more about our medical device design expertise.

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Last night, SIGMADESIGN was recognized by the Association of Washington Business (AWB) with the 2021 Manufacturing Excellence Innovation Award. We are thrilled to be recognized and would like to congratulate all the Washington Businesses also recognized including: Vaughan, Penn Cove Shellfish, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Also, a big thanks to the AWB for organizing a great event! AWB is the catalytic leader and unifying voice for economic prosperity throughout Washington state.

Learn more here:

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SIGMADESIGN offers UI/UX design expertise using Adobe XD. The program allows the ability to wireframe, animate, prototype, and collaborate for the design of websites, mobile apps, voice and more. Using this powerful UI/UX program benefits the entire process of delivering UI/UX design from beginning to end.

Need help designing UI/UX for your product development project? Connect with us at

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As Electronics Specialists with a knack for building the most advanced of embedded applications, no sort of electron-wrangling intimidates us. Can we do it? Yes!⠀

• Flex & Rigid-Flex PCBA⠀
• Battery-powered Systems⠀
• Microcontrollers & Microprocessors⠀
• FPGAs⠀
• Signal Integrity⠀
• Electromagnetic Compatibility⠀
• Wearables⠀
• Wireless Devices⠀

Our Electrical Engineering team would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your next project. Reach out to us at 360-693-2600 or visit ⠀

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Looking for expertise in custom app development? At SIGMADESIGN our developers provide front-end, backend, database and server solutions for mobile apps, desktop applications, industrial controls applications, wireless and wired communications.

We are driven by the desire to innovate and can design your custom apps for many industries including: medical, recreational, consumer electronics, professional, and aerospace.

If you are in need of secure, user-friendly, custom app development, connect with our team of experts.

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SIGMADESIGN offers local manufacturing options in the USA to help businesses stay competitive.

The disruption of many global production processes during the pandemic has caused some changes that make manufacturing in the USA a great option. We help companies innovate quickly and can produce products at relatively low volumes. Highly complex products at lower manufacturing volumes is our sweet spot.

You can read more about our local manufacturing at or connect with us for more details about the variety of our manufacturing related services at

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Today we thank all who have served, including Earle Forsthoff, stepfather of our President and CEO, Bill Huseby. Earle served in the Navy during World War II and in the Korean War. In the Naval Academy, he and his fellow mid-ship men would have breakfast together every morning. On Mondays after breakfast, they would all rise to their feet and say, “Oh boy! Monday morning! Another week in which to excel!” Earle told Bill this story around twenty-five years ago, and SIGMADESIGNers have upheld this tradition every Monday morning since at their all-hands Monday staff meetings.

We are thankful for the life and legacy of this man, along with every veteran whose service continues to inspire us daily. We honor all Veterans today. Thank you for your service and sacrifices. We are forever grateful.

Product Development refers to the range of activities applied to turn an idea into a consumer salable product. The development cycle of a product must maintain focus on an outcome that yields a mass produced, robust, and full featured product.

Often our clients find it helpful to discuss all phases of product development. Come along and explore our approach to the stages of Product Development. Learn more about what a typical product development cycle entails here:

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SIGMADESIGN provides in-house capabilities to test the full range of IEC-60529 Ingress protection codes. This standard defines Ingress Protection Codes detailing “Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures.” These standards are used to define testing for water ingress, dust ingress, and safety/finger accessibility.

Customization is possible using testing devices with receptacles to ensure the equipment works with multimeters and safety compliance testers, and using quantitative as well as qualitative data. SIGMADESIGN test technicians conduct a continuity test for a definitive determination of contact using a multimeter. This precision is valuable for specific industries requiring product characteristics beyond the standard.⠀

Products with opening/closing parts must be guarded against damage from, or damage to, wires and small tools that may inadvertently enter the product in use. Testing using various sizes of probes with the ability to connect to digital multimeters (DMM’s) and electrical safety analyzers, we can ensure your product is protected from undesirable objects getting past its seal.

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Industrial Designers and Engineers can sometimes feel at odds with each other since they approach the same problem from different perspectives. Industrial Designers look for ways a product can succeed while Engineers look for all the ways a product can fail and how to eliminate those failures. We understand, and appreciate that no product can reach its full potential without the dedicated, expert approach of both Industrial Design and Engineers. At SIGMADESIGN, our Designers and Engineers collaborate effectively to create the most balanced, successful products.

Looking for expert product design? Let’s have a conversation. We are happy to talk with you about your project and plan a path forward to success.

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Looking for the perfect match? Finding a job through SIGMADESIGN is a slam dunk. A hole in one. It's like... throwing a bean bag, and the bean bag lands in a hole in a piece of wood. Maybe we don't know about sports!

Here's what we do know: SIGMADESIGN is experiencing tremendous growth, and that means we're hiring! A lot! If you are looking for a new career opportunity with flexibility and great benefits, check out the link for list of current openings. Not only are our recruiters looking for candidates for SIGMADESIGN positions, they are searching for candidates for other client companies as well! Find an opportunity here:

Don't see a position that's a perfect match for you? Submit your resume to
(We actually have a team of real humans reviewing your qualifications!)

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SIGMADESIGN understands that in order to build the best products, it is crucial to test during all phases of the development lifecycle. Our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) experts develop and employ testing methods to ensure your products achieve desired quality goals. We work collaboratively to create custom test plans to guarantee adherence and compliance according to product requirements.

Specific SQA Services include:
• Test Planning and Management
• Test Levels and Test Types
• Test Platforms and Language

Our team has 30+ Years of Combined SQA Experience and Expertise!

Check out more details here:

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Using a custom-designed machine to ensure your design will thrive is imperative to product success. SIGMADESIGN Engineers design machines that test your specific product and put it through its paces.

Our Engineering Team, including Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware and Software Engineers, designed a Wearable Device Bend Tester to perform a full suite of bend tests representing real use cases. Using the client’s very specific requirements, we not only designed, fabricated and assembled this test system, but we also conducted the testing in-house. Check out this Case Study to learn more about how our Firmware and Software Engineers contributed to this machine.