We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts focused on product design, machine design and engineering, and manufacturing.

Just a reminder, we`re at the Pendleton UAS Test Range tomorrow. Please stop by for conversation about UAS. We`d enjoy the opportunity to get to know you.

Find more details about the event here:

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This Memorial Day we honor our veterans and the family members of fallen soldiers. Their great sacrifice as well as the loss of their loved ones deserves our recognition.


Come have a conversation about product development and engineering as well as other career opportunities through SIGMADESIGN.

We’re glad to be involved in this community and look forward to meeting you at Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington.

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Stop by the UAS Test Range Hangar on April 26, 2023

WHAT: We`d enjoy the opportunity to get to know you!
Stop by the Hangar for a casual conversation about what`s going on at the Range. Enjoy some food and beverages. We have vegetarian options too! Let`s see what we can achieve together!

WHEN: April 26th 4:30-6:30 PM

WHERE: Main Hangar - UAS Test Range
4529 NW A Avenue, Pendleton, OR

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Big news! We are over the moon with the exciting news that Lindsey Dotson has been appointed the new President and CEO of SIGMADESIGN. Lindsey Dotson will succeed Bill Huseby and assume responsibilities on April 24th, 2023. Congratulations to Bill on his retirement!

We are grateful for the 26 years Bill spent with SIGMADESIGN. He transformed a small mechanical engineering group into the award-winning, vertically integrated product design and development company we are today.

We’ve witnessed tremendous growth and change under Bill’s steady guidance. It’s hard to imagine him not here leading the way, but in collaboration with the Executive Team Dotson aims to bring new efficiencies and leadership to ensure a strong company direction and continued success for its clients. Congratulations Lindsey!

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Oops! That did not go as planned. This is why we test early and test often!

SIGMADESIGN`s dedicated test lab can develop and iterate custom test architecture to help customers refine their concepts into manufacturable products, and provide support for existing product lines.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with a successful launch!

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SIGMADESIGN is a product design and development firm offering concept through production services. We value people and teamwork. We are fueled by outstanding customers and the work we do together!

We focus on what we do best so you can maximize your time and investment.

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SIGMADESIGN maintains a competitive advantage providing manufacturing services for a wide variety of products. By utilizing innovative approaches in response to customer requirements, we help customers get to the next level of manufacturing, no matter what stage they’re in.

As a product development and engineering company, SIGMADESIGN offers a complete range of services from concept through production. With the backing of this in-house expertise we are able to assist in stabilizing our customers’ designs for manufacturing. The way we adapt to our customers’ needs is what makes us innovative and sets us apart from other manufacturers.

To elevate SIGMADESIGN’s manufacturing services, our processes are tailored to each project to enable speed and efficiency. Success comes from using an innovative approach that guides manufacturing forward according to our customer’s objectives.

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Are you developing a product and need manufacturing? If you are wondering about working with a professional firm such as SIGMADESIGN, but not sure about first steps, we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Our customers are frequently surprised by the depth of our experience, and the range of projects we’re able to take on as a product design and engineering services firm. Hear from our VP of Business Development, Joby Easton, as well as members of our Business Development Management team about what initial engagement is like with the SIGMADESIGN team. Ready to connect?

Visit and learn some of the unique benefits of choosing SIGMADESIGN as your professional product development partner.

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Join PNAA for Springfest, a yearly networking event held this year in the Portland Metro area. Springfest follows the multi-year success of Oktoberfest and is part of PNAA’s quarterly networking series. At this event you will network with aerospace leaders from the Pacific Northwest, enjoy food & drink with your peers. Attendees are encouraged to wear green to celebrate pre–St. Patrick’s Day.

We are hosting this year`s Springfest at SIGMADESIGN, March 16th, 4-7pm.

Register here:

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You`re being irrational. Eat some pie.

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International Women`s Day is a good time to reflect on how we can help to advance more women in STEM fields.

Today and every day, we celebrate women in tech. At SIGMADESIGN, we encourage and support girls in STEM and women in the workplace. During non-pandemic times, we have held Take Your Child to Work Day, volunteered in local schools, and co-hosted STEM events, as well as support Women in Engineering events. We strive to help improve girls` self-esteem and show them career options.

Things you can continue to do until things open up again include:
+Read to children
+Utilize online programs such as Girls Who Code
+Volunteer at Schools

Diversity in the workplace leads to a much wider pool of talent, innovation, improved employee morale, performance, and profits. Here’s to more women in tech!

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To engineer the best product, we believe it must be tested during development to determine and meet protocol as well as sustain reliability. Testing also prepares a product for standard compliance testing.

SIGMADESIGN develops methods of test suited to your specific product and requirements. With experienced engineers, machinists and technicians all in-house, we can provide custom test fixtures and tailored test programs.

SIGMADESIGN is accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for Testing/Calibration Laboratories from the assessment accreditation services body American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). SIGMADESIGN earned the certificate #6427.01 specifically for the Mechanical Field of Testing.

At SIGMADESIGN we provide technical support for product development. Our Test Lab expertise helps customers to refine their concepts into manufacturable products, and provides support for customers’ product lines. We are ready to partner with you on any testing project!

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Hey! Its hump day! Couldn’t we all use a little more laughter in our lives right now?

Let’s laugh! One of our core values at SIGMADESIGN is Take Time to Laugh. This isn’t meant as an injunction, but is a general motivator for our employees to look on the light side of things. Whether it’s at work or at home, a little laughter never hurt anyone!

Looking for a fun product design partner to help with the development of your next project? Give us a ring! ⠀

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Did you know that a product development partner can provide the expertise you need to move your idea forward? We’re here to make you look good!

We can help you with a range of activities no matter where you are at in the development cycle. We can help you maintain focus on an outcome that yields a mass produced, robust, and full featured product.

Often, our clients find it helpful to discuss all phases of product development. A full development cycle is both longer and more complete than the work done to achieve a Proof of Concept device.

You can learn more by visiting us at Get a more complete picture of all the work a typical product development cycle entails. We’re here to help!

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We all become more connected everyday. IoT adds connectivity to everyday objects and reinvents them with new capabilities. People can track and monitor almost anything, from appliances to security systems to their health.

The incredible complexity of code hidden inside these types of consumer electronic devices can only be viewed through the small portal of the user interface. Software frameworks simplify and speed up development as well as provide a basis for future enhancements, improved performance and increased stability with little additional development effort.

This prototype wireless device with data collection and remote monitoring capabilities featured:

• Data transmission via available cellular LTE networks uploading to cloud in real-time⠀
• A sensor, Particle Boron LTE and antennae for device smarts
• Wireless communication and battery operation for easy and seamless installation and integration
• Algorithms interpreting motion and translating to data⠀
• A website designed to host data ⠀
• Rigorous testing to ensure ease of use and reliability

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Partnering with clients is at the core of what we do. Our clients partner with us for a blended approach to uncover the best product solutions. Building on the strengths of the combined team drives innovation and leads to an engaging experience that results in a stronger outcome.

With over 25 years of experience helping to develop our clients’ next generation products, you can rely on us to guide you from conception through production.

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Get your project automation needs solved with one of our sophisticated, custom-designed systems.

SIGMADESIGN provides manufacturing automation and system integration services for a variety of industries. Our expert engineers can assist with a range of services, from software development to fully developed solutions for automation.

Additionally, our expertise in controls engineering includes extensive experience with a variety of automation controllers including PLCs, PACs and their corresponding interfaces (both HMI and SCADA). We program and configure automation equipment including motion controllers (motors, servos), robots, machine vision cameras, and other measurement equipment. We also can provide related software requirements such as application development and embedded services.

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