We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts focused on product design, machine design and engineering, and manufacturing.

There are many benefits to manufacturing in the USA. SIGMADESIGN offers a variety of product development related services including assembly and manufacturing. We support a variety of product manufacturing including services for clients with essential medical and military products as well as consumer electronics, wearables and recreational products. With concept through production services all in-house, SIGMADESIGN can quickly spin up production space for a diverse range of product types. We specifically develop manufacturing solutions tailored to your product or industry.⠀

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Are you looking for manufacturing solutions such as prototypes, pre-production, low-volume or support for high-volume production? Manufacturing in the USA has many advantages, and SIGMADESIGN can help. We can reduce cost for delivery, shorten lead times, and provide higher standards of safety and quality control among other advantages.

SIGMADESIGN provides a variety of options in the manufacturing space including:
+ Prototyping
+ Product testing
+ New product introduction
+ Production
+ Box builds
+ Cable and circuit assembly
+ Supply-chain management
+ Inventory control
+ Packaging

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SIGMADESIGN can put together specific and dedicated teams to augment your engineering department. Need Mechanical Engineering help? We can do that! What about Electrical or Firmware/Software Engineering? Yeah, we can do that too. Consider our engineering teams as your "quick reaction force".⠀

Give us a call, or sign up for a consultation using the link in our profile!⠀

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Do you need fast, local, reliable manufacturing for electromechanical devices? ⠀

SIGMADESIGN has been designing, building, assembling, producing, and testing electromechanical devices for over 25 years. We have the experience and the expertise to help during any phase of the product development cycle, from concept through production.⠀

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Do you need a manufacturing solution in the USA? SIGMADESIGN offers a variety of product development related services including assembly and manufacturing. We’re currently supporting a number of critical service clients with essential medical and military products.

With concept through production services all in-house, SIGMADESIGN can quickly spin up production space for a diverse range of product types.⠀
To learn more, contact us at or 360.693.2600.⠀⠀
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At SIGMADESIGN, we define manufacturing like this:
Manufacturing is the continuous and repetitive production of a stable design using cost effective processes and labor.

As a product development and engineering firm, SIGMADESIGN offers adept abilities in manufacturing high quality, complex products. Our clients benefit from our broad experience with concept through production. This experience provides important structure for manufacturing including material procurement and logistics, tracking, communication, product re-works coordination, testing, and assembly. We offer value for clients with particularly complex manufacturing needs that may require build mixes with various product configurations. This provides our customers the ability to evaluate suppliers, different designs, and different materials.

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Manufacturing in the USA has many advantages. Whether you are looking for prototypes, pre-production, low-volume or support for high-volume production, SIGMADESIGN can help.

Having a great product gives you pride. Having a great production process gives you profit. Supply-chain management, scheduling, inventory control, box builds, cable assembly, circuit assembly, prototyping, testing, new product introduction, packaging and shipping all are vital components of modern production.

We can help you with manufacturing. We can help build an assembly process from the ground up. Give us a call or visit to find out more about options for manufacturing in the USA.

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Are you looking for manufacturing options in the USA? SIGMADESIGN offers a variety of production services for complex electromechanical devices. Whether you're just leaving the prototype phase, or about to enter mass production, we have the expertise and the experience to support you.⠀

Give us a call at 360.693.2600 to learn more.⠀

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Increasingly we’re all becoming more connected. Wearable technology enables organizations to transform business by creating entirely new services or abilities. Many of us use apps for fitness tracking and health monitoring. Wearables products provide valuable safety measures when incorporated with navigation systems and advanced textiles.

Looking for innovation that advances your product? Contact us for wearable technology and soft goods expertise on your next project. We’re ready to help! or

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SIGMADESIGN understands that in order to build the best products, it is crucial to test during all phases of the development lifecycle. Our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) experts develop and employ testing methods to ensure your products achieve desired quality goals. We work collaboratively to create custom test plans to guarantee adherence and compliance according to product requirements.

Specific SQA Services include:
• Test Planning and Management
• Test Levels and Test Types
• Test Platforms and Language

Our team has 30+ Years of Combined SQA Experience and Expertise!

Check out more details here:

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SIGMADESIGN offers UI/UX design expertise using Adobe XD. The program allows the ability to wireframe, animate, prototype, and collaborate for the design of websites, mobile apps, voice and more. Using this powerful UI/UX program benefits the entire process of delivering UI/UX design from beginning to end.

Our ID team is able to design, iterate, and make design revisions efficiently. One of the most powerful elements of Adobe XD is its ability to share design progress with all the stakeholders using interactive prototypes. Interactive prototypes allow the UI/UX to be viewed and reviewed as it is intended to look and behave. This eliminates much of the guess work and reduces confusion when arriving at a final UI/UX design. Handoff between designer and our Firmware/Software Team is seamless.

Need help designing UI/UX for your product development project? Get in touch at 360.693.2600

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How do you know that your product will be fully functional? It’s important to conduct test analysis early in the product development life to avoid arriving at a defective product. Identifying potential defects during testability analysis, specifically during requirements definition will be cheaper than if the bug is found later in the development cycle after the code has been written.

A Regression Test is a test done on a program to confirm that a developer’s change didn't interrupt or break any existing functionality. This is done to ensure the product works fine with new functionality, bug fixes or any change in the existing features.

Need software development help? Connect with us to learn more. Link in the bio.

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Let’s have a conversation. If you have a new product development project you'd like help with, or you aren't sure where to start, we'd love to connect to see how we can help.
We offer:
+ Brainstorming
+ How we’d approach your project
+ Line of Sight
+ Next Steps
+ Simple, quick engagement with experts
Plus, it’s fun! (Plus it's almost spring time, so let's do this!)
See the link in our bio for more information. Talk with you soon!

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As you know, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the one day each year that everyone and anyone calls themselves Irish – if not by heritage, then in spirit. The famed Irish patron saint who brought Christianity to Ireland ended up being celebrated almost globally. Celebrations usually involve plentiful amounts of green beer and whisky shooters.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries around the world than any other single-day national festival, largely due to America’s enthusiasm for what many consider a holiday, although it is not an official holiday in America.

As for our obsession with heavy drinking on St. Patrick’s Day? Not surprisingly, it’s a modern American phenomenon, not rooted in Irish tradition. But the Irish are not complaining. Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Have a good one!

🍀 Luck is everywhere!

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The LEADING LADIES OF DEFENSE event co-hosted by PNDC is happening this week on Thursday, March 18 from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Pacific Time).

This international half-day virtual event brings together the Leading Ladies of the Defense industry and others for professional development and networking. Hear from an amazing group of speakers to gain new industry knowledge and skills, and to network.

The speaker line-up highlights both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, including Insitu, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Meggitt, Rolls-Royce Defense, among others.

Program elements include:
• Insights and advice from accomplished leaders
• Professional and personal development
• How to pivot industries – as an individual or a company

Register at the link:

Buttons, menus, micro-interactions OH MY! There are so many elements to designing a great user interface (UI). Each element should stand on its own, yet together work as a whole. Similar to developing the personality of a brand, every facet of the UI should speak the same language and yield the same stylistic vibe.

Industrial Designers focus on how an end-user interacts with the product. This frame of thought becomes very important when designing how end-users visually react and interact with a user interface. A designer should intuitively understand the fundamental need(s) of each project in order to set the proper hierarchy for the numerous design challenges. For example, this could mean development of stunning imagery with the intent to draw in the end-user while intentionally not overwhelming the user with information/data. Sometime the design is as linear as possible, so that graphical elements and feedback responses within the UI are clean, easy to read, and straightforward.

If you need assistance with UI design for your product, contact us. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and help ensure your product’s success.

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Are you looking for medical device design expertise? We can help by offering solid design and engineering solutions.

Medical advances such as pulse oximetry have been around for decades, but recent improvements in these tools increase the ability to provide better healthcare. As an example, SIGMADESIGN provided design, electrical and firmware engineering services for a client requiring the enhancement of a pulse oximetry device. The team enabled custom configurability of data collection by the medical sensing device, which detects and measures a number of different vital signs.

You can find out more about it here: (link in bio)

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For this project, the client needed help with the development of an embedded controller for a wearable electronic device. The device is controlled by a small form factor permanent magnet brushed DC motor and operates from a single battery cell. The controller needed to fit within a small size appropriate for a wearable device and needed to include a motor to drive a gear mechanism connected to a variable load. These requirements as well as many others dictated the use of a small and power efficient microcontroller for the system and motion control firmware. Discover more about the solution our engineers provided by reading the case study for this project (link in profile).

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