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The Bubble Tester is used in conjunction with other leak tests. When a leak is present in a piece of equipment or consumer electronic device, the leak path is highlighted using UV-reactive dye, which allows for quick diagnosis of the issue. Then, changes are made to the equipment or device design to eliminate the cause of the leak.

Contact Douglas Burnette, Test Lab Manger to learn more about our test capabilities. Call 360.693.2600, or visit

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SIGMADESIGN’s test lab keeps a huge stock of instrumentation in house. This instrumentation is used to measure how reliable a product is, and how a product might change as it is being tested.

Some of the instrumentation we have in our test lab includes:
• Data Loggers (Low Speed + High Speed)
• Perometers
• Thermal Cameras
• Thermocouples
• Hot-Wire Anemometers
• Narrow-Band Photo Detectors
• Telecentric Lenses
• Helmholtz Coils

SIGMADESIGN supports a wide range of specialized testing with a well-resourced lab and instrumentation equipment. We are ready to help with your consumer electronic testing needs. Contact our Test Lab Manager, Douglas Burnette at 360.693.2600, or visit for more information.

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Is your product in a development phase? SIGMADESIGN's test lab is ready to help ensure that not only does your product meet standard specifications in testing, but also that it is ready for mass manufacturing. ⠀

As SIGMADESIGN executes on the product development process, we engage in a huge amount of testing to ensure that a product is reliable. After a product is fully designed and starts to enter mass production, we take the learnings from test, which includes test processes, fixturing, fixture improvements, the entire process that goes into testing a product, and evolve that into what's called Sustaining, or Ongoing Reliability Testing. That allows us to take all of the work we've done during the product development phase and apply it to the manufacturing phase. The benefits results in a consistently good product which can be turned out year after year in manufacturing. ⠀

To find out more about Sustaining and Reliability testing, get in touch with our test lab at 360.693.2600, or visit⠀

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SIGMADESIGN provides in-house capabilities to test the full range of IEC-60529 Ingress protection codes. This standard defines Ingress Protection Codes detailing “Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures.” These standards are used to define testing for water ingress, dust ingress, and safety/finger accessibility.

Customization is possible using testing devices with receptacles to ensure the equipment works with multimeters and safety compliance testers, and using quantitative as well as qualitative data. SIGMADESIGN test technicians conduct a continuity test for a definitive determination of contact using a multimeter. This precision is valuable for specific industries requiring product characteristics beyond the standard.⠀

Products with opening/closing parts must be guarded against damage from, or damage to, wires and small tools that may inadvertently enter the product in use. Testing using various sizes of probes with the ability to connect to digital multimeters (DMM’s) and electrical safety analyzers, we can ensure your product is protected from undesirable objects getting past its seal.

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One of our core values at SIGMADESIGN is Take Time To Laugh. This isn’t meant as an injunction, but is a general motivator for our employees to look on the light side of things. Whether it’s at work or at home, everyone can use a little laughter right now. ⠀


SIGMADESIGN is your logical partner in preparing your product for the real world. We use an IMV A30/EM3HM vibration test system which pairs perfectly with a vibration research controller. This allows our technicians to add advanced instrumentation to your test resulting in exceptionally precise test data.⠀

Does your product require a custom fixture? The benefit of using SIGMADESIGN is that with our in-house capabilities, we can create that too.⠀

Does your product need to meet certain industry standards? We can test it to be compliant ready.⠀

Check out some of the IMV A30/EM3HM features:⠀
3 Axis Sequential Testing⠀
30 kN Sine/ Random Force⠀
1-2600 Hz Frequency⠀
50 kN Shock Force (150g bare table)⠀
76.2 mm Displacement⠀
400 Kg Payload Capacity⠀
4.6 Max m/s Shock Velocity⠀
Lower Power Consumption⠀
Tests to Most International and MIL Standards⠀

If you need assistance with your product testing to identify failure modes before a negative end-user experience and to ensure product longevity, we’d love to help. Connect with us at⠀⠀
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Smart Kitchen Summit is the premiere food tech event in North America. Discover new technologies, watch meat being printed, and check out the latest food robots! In its sixth year running, this year’s event, October 13-15th, will take place in 2020’s hottest venue: Wherever You Happen to Be. That’s right, it’s all virtual, all the time. Attend from your own kitchen for full immersion!

Our Business Development Manager, Craig Baerwaldt will be in attendance for the second year in a row. Last year’s event was one of our highlights of 2019, and we expect nothing less from SKS 2020.

You can register for the event here:

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Together MISUMI and SIGMADESIGN provide services for industrial enclosures and systems. Whether you need a “build to print” aluminum extrusion enclosure, or a simple kit based on your specs, we can do it. We offer:⠀
-build to print⠀
-custom configurations⠀
-parts – thousands of options⠀
-assembly services ⠀
-delivery to your location⠀

Do you need help with your concept? We can help design, order, assemble and deliver a complete package of custom, configurable components. Common applications include:⠀
-machine framing⠀
-work stations⠀
-safety solutions⠀

We make getting what you need easy with high quality services and products for your extrusion integration needs with help at any phase of your project. ⠀

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SIGMADESIGN offers UI/UX design expertise using Adobe XD. The program allows the ability to wireframe, animate, prototype, and collaborate for the design of websites, mobile apps, voice and more. Using this powerful UI/UX program benefits the entire process of delivering UI/UX design from beginning to end.

Our ID team is able to design, iterate, and make design revisions efficiently. One of the most powerful elements of Adobe XD is its ability to share design progress with all the stakeholders using interactive prototypes. Interactive prototypes allow the UI/UX to be viewed and reviewed as it is intended to look and behave. This eliminates much of the guess work and reduces confusion when arriving at a final UI/UX design. Handoff between designer and our Firmware/Software Team is seamless.

Need help designing UI/UX for your product development project? Get in touch at 360.693.2600

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Reminder: The AUVSI West Coast Chapters are hosting a Happy Hour on October 7th!

When: 4:30-6:00pm, Wednesday, Oct. 7
Who: AUVSI Cascade (WA/OR), Silicon Valley, San Diego Lindbergh, and Nevada
Format/Agenda: Zoom Video Meeting including welcome, and break out rooms on focus topics.
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After you visit the AUVSI XPONENTIAL virtual programming and events, head on over to network with new contacts or colleagues you have met through your chapter in a more relaxed environment. Networking opportunities like this support AUVSI’s growth both nationally and locally. This event is hosted jointly by the West Coast Chapters. Please help spread the word by sharing this information with your networks. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


We are familiar with a variety of PLC/Motion and Robot Control Systems that allow us to provide solutions for automating test, assembly, inspection, and production.
PLC Motion Control:

Robot Control:

With years of experience and in-house professionals, we understand how to optimize your high-speed, precision applications. Our background and approach in this area includes custom development, rapid prototyping, and a wide range of experience in high-tech and scientific based industries. Contact us for help with your next motion control or robotics project.

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Join the AUVSI West Coast Chapters for a Happy Hour October 7th!

When: 4:30-6:00pm, Wednesday, Oct. 7
Who: AUVSI Cascade (WA/OR), Silicon Valley, San Diego Lindbergh, and Nevada
Format/Agenda: Zoom Video Meeting including welcome, and break out rooms on focus topics.
Sign-up Here:

After you visit the AUVSI XPONENTIAL virtual programming and events, head on over to network with new contacts or colleagues you have met through your chapter in a more relaxed environment. Networking opportunities like this support AUVSI’s growth both nationally and locally. This event is hosted jointly by the West Coast Chapters. Please help spread the word by sharing this information with your networks. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Need a quick reference guide for Firmware + Software Engineering terms? Whether you’re an aspiring Firmware/Software Engineer, or simply in need of a way to end a conversation, we have just the thing.

Our Firmware + Software Engineering Glossary contains 13 pages and over 180 defined terms from ARM to ZigBee. Pull one of these out at your next social distanced backyard gathering and marvel at how quickly six feet can become twenty. Yours will be the safest house on the block!

Know what else is safe? Choosing SIGMADESIGN’s Firmware + Software team as a partner for the development of your next great innovation. Our team’s impressive depth of experience covers work in IoT, Wearables, Health & Fitness, Security, VR/AR, HMIs, SQA, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Read the full glossary at the link in our bio, and call 360.693.2600 to find out how our team can help you.

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Design of high-speed digital devices must take into consideration factors that aren’t necessary when working with low-speed products. As higher-frequency spectral content begins to dominate your electronic signals, unexpected issues with Signal Integrity (SI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) can trigger costly, last-minute product-release delays.

SIGMADESIGN is well-armed with the expertise to tackle any engineering problem, and high-speed digital electronic design is certainly no exception. If your product must work with large volumes of data (such as video, networking, or any component or peripheral of a personal computer or smartphone), competent high-speed digital design will be a critical component to its success.

If want to know more about high-speed digital design, check out our blog! (the link is in our bio)

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IoT connectivity capabilities combine with ordinary objects to reinvent them. You might use something like a pedometer reinvented as a fitness tracker and watch. Or someday use a phone app to check inventory in your refrigerator while you are at the store. ⠀

The incredible complexity of code hidden inside consumer electronic devices is viewed through the small portal of the user interface. When developing a wireless device, it is important to select a consultant with well-established firmware and software framework and development processes in place. Software frameworks simplify and speed up development as well as provide a basis for future enhancements, improved performance and increased stability with little additional development effort.⠀

Product development is what we do! For expertise and help, contact us at⠀

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Have a great weekend! Drink coffee!

Actually, don't let us tell you what to do. But DO let us develop your next coffee-related product! Call us on Monday.

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Our coffee machines have worked hard for 26 years, keeping our engineers energized, or at least awake. We're giving them a day off. Not today, but someday.

Happy International Coffee day!

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Many modern coffee makers include Wi-Fi or other “smart” features, enabling users to choose a specific time to start brewing, receive data on flow rates, and even temperature control. These advances enhance a coffee drinker’s User Experience, especially when paired with a well-designed User Interface in a mobile app or built-in touchscreen.

The final page of our Firmware + Software Glossary contains definitions of UI, UX, Wi-Fi, and many more. Enjoy the whole page (link in bio) with a cup of coffee, and when you’re done, give us a call at 360.693.2600 to find out how our Firmware + Software team can help with your project.

(Look, we realize this would have worked a lot better for page six, in which we defined Java, but play along.)

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What are the limitations of robots? Could robots someday be the norm for making our daily brew? ⠀

The word “robotics” can elicit images of humanoid robots replicating human behavior (like making coffee), but the term has a more general use in engineering. Modern robotics is an interdisciplinary field dealing with designing, building, and operating machines that automate labor (like making coffee). Robotic machines typically consist of moving parts, sensors, actuators, computers and often interact with people. As a result developing such machines requires an array of technical disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, system engineering, UI/UX and more. ⠀

We have a team of experts ready to visit your site, look at your process and existing costs, and help you determine if automation is the right solution for your product or business. Learn more about automation by contacting our experts at⠀

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Did you know that international coffee day is this Thursday? Follow us this week for coffee inspired posts that celebrate coffee and our work!

The design and development of any successful product or system involves a host of people from multiple disciplines (and coffee helps). In order for this diverse group to efficiently and cohesively design a product, everyone must be building on the same foundation, or system architecture (and drinking coffee together along the way helps). At SIGMADESIGN, our Systems Engineers create this foundation (while enjoying coffee). They build a clear base from which our engineers, designers and developers can work (while drinking coffee). This allows for clear and efficient team operation (did we mention that drinking coffee helps?) and prevents extra design iteration loops, typically caused by unclear or incomplete system architecture decisions (or lack of coffee).⠀

Whether you have a new coffee product for the marketplace or need an automated coffee system in your facility, System Architecture is a crucial step in the product development process that will ensure your design is implemented successfully. Hire a team that includes Systems Engineers and enjoy some coffee with the team! Learn more at:⠀

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