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Successful User Interface Design

Successful User Interface design is a combination of having the right tools for the job, the right talent for design, and the right process in place to put it all together. SIGMADESIGN delivers User Interface design (or UI design) expertise using Adobe’s latest UI Design software, Adobe XD. Our designers use this software program as a part of their UI development skillset. Effectively, it blends seamlessly with other design programs. Adobe XD provides a multifaceted ability to wireframe, design, animate, prototype, and collaborate. As a result, it works well on the design of any type of digital interface such as a touchscreen, website or tablet. UI design is more efficient through the use of digital interactive prototypes, ease of global component changes, and collaboration.

wireframe example using adobe xd
Wireframe example using Adobe XD

The Power of Interactive Prototypes

Using Adobe XD for the process of delivering UI design from beginning to end offers unique benefits.  One of the most powerful elements of Adobe XD is the ability to share the progress of building the UI with all the stakeholders using Interactive Prototypes. The Interactive Prototypes feature allows the designer to present the UI for review as it intends to look and behave. This means presenting beyond static 2D images so that the user sees what happens when hovering over a button, or what animation occurs after a tap.  Reviewers can see how the page transitions and to which destination.  This eliminates assumptions and reduces confusion at the development stage. Handoff between the designer and our Firmware + Software Engineers is seamless. 

interactive prototyping in adobe xd
Prototyping using Adobe XD

Efficiency of Components and Global Changes

The main goal for every UI we design is for it to be intuitive, have consistent design brand messaging, and be effective in its purpose. Yes, the design should be aesthetically pleasing, but great design is more than just making things look good on the screen. Examining the overall experience means taking the time to go over every detail, including looking at alternative solutions for each interface element.

There are numerous ways to do this, and Adobe XD provides some great tools to increase productivity and efficiency. With XD, you can quickly adjust elements at an individual component level. Elements universally adapt for all occurrences. The benefit is that one design change automatically updates for every occurrence of that component throughout the UI. Essential tasks that were once time consuming and mundane, now are updated quickly and effortlessly. This makes a big difference, especially with large-scaled projects where a high number of pages have similar components.

Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is key as most UI is developed by a team of stakeholders. Stakeholders are those with some form of interest in the successful development of the project. Adobe XD provides a great interface for the collaboration on designs and reviews to take place.  The Interactive Prototype, as mentioned prior, lives as a cloud document. All stakeholders have live access and can pin notes for the entire team to see on various components of the prototype. Typically, the designer sends out the working UI Prototype to the team via a URL link. Anyone with that link can access it. No special software is needed for this, and it is viewable on most web browsers. Any eventual revisions to the master XD file can be viewed by refreshing that same link. 

In summary, excellent UI design works intuitively. Its success relies on designers combining modern applications, design expertise, and precise processes to put it all together. The development approach for arriving at an intuitive UI can be efficient and collaborative with use of tools like Adobe XD. At SIGMADESIGN, Designers and Engineers work together for intuitive, great UI design. If you need UI design for your product, they would enjoy the opportunity to assist you. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help!