Firmware & Software Virtual Event – September 15, 2020


Is your company looking for ways to enhance your Firmware and Software skills or catch up on ‘best practices’?

SIGMADESIGN’s Firmware and Software group is hosting a virtual event for companies that are looking to upgrade their FW/SW chops. Learn some new skills to take away for your team, or see how SIGMADESIGN can assist you with Firmware and Software capabilities.

The event will focus on the following topics:

  1. ARI Development Platform Demonstration
  2. Writing Good Requirements
  3. First Steps in SW Architecture Design
  4. Extreme Code Reviews
  5. Improving Testability of Your Product

Each session will be presented by a member of the Firmware and Software Team.  The session will begin with introductions, then you can choose which break-out session you’d like to join. We’ll divide attendees into the breakout rooms for specifics on that topic. The event will end with everyone coming together for networking and Q & A about the various sessions.

The event is on September 15th, 1:45 -3:00. (Registration and Welcome from 1:45 to 2:00) Event begins at 2:00 PST.  Register Here


SESSION 1: ARI Development Platform Demonstration

At SIGMADESIGN we provide expertise in smart device development. Our engineers developed a prototyping platform that translates directly to a manufacturable solution. We call this platform ARI. It allows for fast product development of a variety of different electronic products, which often require similar technologies. ARI reduces development costs by implementing commonly used technologies onto a single platform. Join this session to learn more about ARI, see a demonstration, and understand how together we can use ARI to accelerate your product development.

software requirements graphic

SESSION 2: Writing Good Requirements

As Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” At SIGMADESIGN we strive to understand the needs of the customer to ensure we’re headed down the right road together. Our team accomplishes this by clearly defining project requirements. Good requirements communicate the customer’s needs, and ensures the team of developers knows what to do to meet the requirements. In this session we will discuss the characteristics of a good requirement and how to utilize User Stories and Use Cases in collecting and specifying requirements.

SESSION 3: First Steps in SW Architecture Design

Your path to project development bliss seemed so clear at first. Your customers knew exactly what they wanted and you were able to turn their needs into coherent requirements that nicely distilled what the software was supposed to do. But then, you hit a big wall. How do you lay the groundwork for your killer application so it can be modular, yet scalable? Join us as we throw down some basic software architecture diagramming principles that can help provide a solid foundation (even in the swampiest projects) and get you sprinting to implementation where the code practically writes itself.

SESSION 4: Extreme Code Reviews

Our motto, at SIGMADESIGN, is do it the right way, not the long way.  Our extreme code reviews act as our gatekeeper to ensure that we take the time and effort at the beginning of a project to design the system, break it down into manageable sections, and implement each piece with deliberate adherence to coding standards and best practices. This will help ensure the product will get to market faster — the right way. The alternative approach, will be laced with bugs that will require excessive time and effort to fix, will be late to market, or may never get to market without considerable refactoring or a complete rewrite — the long way. In addition to the short term benefits of the right way, our extreme code reviews facilitate (a) easier maintenance and future enhancements, (b) smooth transitions to alternative platforms, and (c) decreased ramp-up time for support by new engineers. Join us to learn more. 

SESSION 5: Improving Testability of Your Product

At SIGMADESIGN we recognize that in order to build the best products, testing during all stages of the development lifecycle is crucial. One essential area often overlooked during early stages of product development is product testability. SIGMADESIGN helps ensure products achieve quality goals at each stage of the development lifecycle with inclusive testability analysis. Learn more about it in this session where we’ll discuss: Defining clear testing goals, Methods for achieving testing goals, Ways to improve UIs to be more testable, Test resources, and Earlier defect detection.

We hope to see you at this virtual and interactive event! Again, it’s on September 15th, 1:45 -3:00. (Registration and Welcome from 1:45 to 2:00) Event begins at 2:00 PST.  Register Here