Patrick on dirt bike at Engineer Pass in Colorado

PATRICK SCRANTON – Employee Spotlight

Patrick Scranton Industrial Design Manager

“I’m interested in working on products that have longevity or change somebody’s life in a meaningful way.  I’ve enjoyed working on products that help the user express their own creativity.”

Time at SIGMADESIGN: 8 Years


What was your youth like?

I grew up in Carson City, Nevada. Right by Lake Tahoe, squished between mountains and deserts. It was awesome. I had all the freedom to play, explore, build, draw, and do whatever I wanted. I spent all of my time making things, playing with things, breaking things, and spending a lot of time outside. Thankfully, my parents were very encouraging, and shared my creative spirit. My mom was always into home projects, like interior decorating and landscaping, and my dad could make anything with an obscene level of perfection. He was a machinist and has an Engineer’s mind. He could always find the most elegant, simple solution for any problem. They definitely influenced me.

What drew you to Industrial Design?

I found out about Industrial Design during high school. I was taking advanced mathematics and science, but also fitting in art classes and drafting classes. During an architectural drafting class, a representative from a college came in and talked to us about Industrial Design, and I was completely infatuated with the idea that I would get to shape future products, influence how they are used, what they look like, and what they’re made out of. It seemed like an amazing opportunity to have a diverse work life which I was very drawn to.

Patrick designed and built the camper for his truck.

What was your educational experience?

I attended Eastern Washington University and received my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, mostly focused on sculpture. After school, I did all kinds of jobs that had nothing to do with design or art. I was a white water kayaking instructor, a raft guide, I worked in customer service, and worked for local government. None of these things were that fulfilling for me. When it comes down to it, an Art degree isn’t that far removed from an Industrial Design degree, so I went back to school to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the Art Institute in Portland.

What do you enjoy most about Industrial Design?

I like drawing, solving problems, and designing products, but I also really enjoy the client side of projects. I like working with clients that are actively engaged in creating their next product. Solving their problems, and showing them something they didn’t think about is the most enjoyable part; bringing something new and valuable to the table is very fulfilling.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Patrick at Engineer Pass in Colorado during his Trans-America trail ride.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling and exploring new places in the U.S. Recently, I have explored more places on my dirt bike. I also like surfing and hiking. Hiking in particular is something I never thought I’d say I enjoy, but my wife sold me on it by re-branding it as “Adventure Walking.”

Traveling outside of the U.S. is also something that my wife brought into my life, which has been challenging, but also really fun, and I’m looking forward to doing more of that. Outside of the U.S., we’ve been to Canada, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru, and Cambodia.

Patrick Scranton in Iceland
Patrick and Koko in Iceland
Patrick snorkeling in Iceland…ICELAND!


What do you enjoy most about working at SIGMADESIGN?

What is great about working at SIGMADESIGN is that the company cares about their employees, which is important to me. I like the people I work with and all of the interesting personalities. Industrial Design is a small team within this company, and I am excited about the challenge of growing the department.


Do the Core Values at SIGMADESIGN influence your work?

Definitely. I consider myself to be a person with Integrity. I take Exceeding Customer’s Expectations very seriously; underwhelming a client is the worst feeling. I think a lot of other Core Values, like Help Clients & Each Other, being Adaptable, and having Respect for Each Other, fall under the Exceed Customer’s Expectations umbrella because exceeding customer expectations requires all of the other Core Values.

What types of projects do you most enjoy?

I’m interested in working on products that have longevity or change somebody’s life in a meaningful way.  I’ve enjoyed working on products that help the user express their own creativity such as power tools and home goods.

Patrick has more to say about working with clients and design teams in this video.