Gauge Blocks used to measure linear dimension

Metrology: the science of measuring

“In quality control or quality assurance, measuring is more of a skilled craft when done properly. I use digital calipers, thread gauges, and gauge pins most of the time to check the parts we make here in the model shop. I do also look at the parts from an aesthetic perspective to make sure they look good for the customer.” Mike Ebert, journeyman machinist and metrology expert at SIGMADESIGN.

Metrology – the science of measuring – is one of the many ways SIGMADESIGN ensures the quality of fabricated parts and products we build. Any dimension specified by the engineer on the drawing is always checked by an in-house metrology expert.

To measure the slip fit and press fit, Mike uses gauge pins, which come in thousands of increments. Additionally he employs our ATOS 3D scanner, Deltronics (which assists him in measuring down to ten thousandths of an inch), linear dimension gauge blocks and even measuring tape to guarantee the part has been fabricated exactly as it was engineered. When clients come to SIGMADESIGN, they work with an experienced team focused on engineering, and a team that executes on production quality.

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Gauge Blocks used to measure linear dimension
Linear Dimension Gauge Blocks used in Metrology