A screenshot showing an example of LabVIEW DQMH Message Cases

LabVIEW Frameworks

At SIGMADESIGN, we endeavor to choose the LabVIEW software framework that saves the most money for our clients, yet still provides a stable and scalable solution. State Machines and Queued Message Handlers (QMH) will always have their place in LabVIEW, but we tend to view those as sub-components that can be utilized in more extensible frameworks that emphasize modular programming with built-in messaging libraries.

A screenshot showing an example of LabVIEW DQMH Message Cases
Example of LabVIEW DQMH Message Cases

While we have experience in revising and fixing code developed in what’s known as the Actor Framework that ships with LabVIEW, we generally prefer the Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH) framework for new designs due in part to its flexibility (with other coding styles) and ease of code review with clients.

Other reasons why we like DQMH include that it is:

  • Adaptable with a variety of SW architectures but is well suited for the Actor Model.
  • Runs on Windows Hosts and RT targets.
  • Relatively easy to learn for LabVIEW developers.
  • Promotes modular programming, testing best-practices, and efficient development with the built-in scripting tools to generate modules, testers, and messages.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about LabVIEW software frameworks. Give us a call at 360.693.2600 or contact us with your question.