Image of Patrick Scranton bringing a sketch to life at his desk

Efficiency and Design Integrity – Sketch to CAD

By Patrick Scranton, Industrial Designer

At SIGMADESIGN, our Industrial Designers develop their project from sketch to CAD and follow it through the engineering and production phases. The efficiency that comes from the continuity of a single designer developing a concept all the way through CAD surface development is evident in our ability to preserve design intent on tight timelines.

Image of Patrick Scranton bringing a sketch to life at his desk

Patrick Scranton bringing a sketch to life

In many design firms, a design may pass through the hands of multiple designers and CAD specialists before being released to engineering. As development progresses, it’s easy to lose time and design integrity with several people making creative decisions and assumptions on the original concept. We have found that, once a concept direction is approved by our client, the singular vision for surface development and resolution is most appropriately handled by the person who imagined them in the first place. At SIGMADESIGN, Industrial Designers on staff are adept at working from sketch to CAD. The designer and CAD expert are one and the same, efficiently realizing the concept’s final form.

Our clients also benefit from Industrial Designers and Engineers collaborating under one roof. Proximity allows Designers and Engineers to quickly resolve issues that may affect the overall product design and ensures the product is true to the original design.

We love what we do and have spent years honing our skills and process. Let’s get together and put this to work on your next big idea!

Image of Model pilot wearing the LIGHTSPEED TANGO Wireless Headset
About the image: The LIGHTSPEED TANGO Headset is the first premium aviation headset to combine wireless innovation with exceptional noise cancellation and unmatched comfort. It’s great working on designs with clients like LIGHTSPEED Aviation who produce award winning products.