LA or Bust!

Melisa McVicker started working for SIGMADESIGN in 2010. She worked as our Director of First Impressions for three years. Melisa recently returned to SIGMADESIGN as a member of the Business Development Team. Recently, her family and community have drawn her back to the Los Angeles area where she previously lived. When SIGMADESIGN offered her position working out of LA, she  jumped at the opportunity. This allows SIGMADESIGN to expand our offerings into the Southern California region.



Melisa will be developing SIGMADESIGN’s network in LA by joining different technology, engineering, and business organizations and alliances. She will connect with other designers and companies in a variety of industries who could use our design services. Additionally, she will continue to provide marketing support for the company by assisting with written and visual content creation.


With companies in every sector headquartered in LA, the city offers a lot of opportunity in business expansion.

Matt Cameron, Vice President of Engineering, is optimistic about the expansion. “As we have done with much of our growth, we are opportunistically taking this leap.  Since Melisa is moving to the LA area, and because of her capabilities, this region could be the start of a lot of potential work.”

Melisa’s goals include finding companies that would be a good fit for SIGMADESIGN and that can really benefit from the unique Concept Through Production services we offer.  She notes, “I aim to expand our client base by jumping into this huge basin of industry.”


“Melisa has a proven history of providing value to the organization. This is a great opportunity for both her and the firm,” says Joby Easton, Vice President of Business Development.

Melisa has been working with the Business Development team for a couple of months. She is going through “Business Development Bootcamp” to prepare for her transition.  Melisa has been meeting extensively with Business Development Managers, Engineering Managers, and Project Managers to thoroughly understand the capabilities SIGMADESIGN has to offer and gain their different perspectives about the opportunities in LA. She has also participated in a variety of client meetings and events.



“I think SIGMADESIGN is such an incredible company and I am proud to work here,” Melisa shares. “There are a lot of businesses in LA that could benefit from our capabilities and our adaptability. I know of a lot of companies headquartered in the LA area that would be incredible to partner with, so I feel very excited to be that SIGMADESIGNER who gets to make the connection with those companies. I am looking forward to building what I hope will be long-term relationships.”

“Ultimately, I would love to see a ‘miniature SIGMADESIGN’ down in LA. I hope to develop growing traction with clients and be able to add more SIGMADESIGNERS to the location.”

Matt also shared excitement about the opportunities that await in LA. “Personally, I would love to work with the many sporting-related companies that are headquartered in Southern California. There is also a pretty big Defense footprint down there that we could participate in. SIGMADESIGN also has a lot to offer to the ever-growing Automation industry in LA.”

Overall, the team is excited for the opportunities that await SIGMADESIGN  in Southern California. “Melisa has contributed tremendously at our Headquarters in Camas,” shares Bill Huseby. “We’re excited about her going to LA to represent SIGMADESIGN.”


If you have connections to LA-based companies that would benefit from the services of SIGMADESIGN, please let Melisa know. You can email her at