Don Harring brings over 30 years of experience in Engineering and Business Management to the SIGMADESIGN team.

Vancouver, WA – (June 30, 2016)SIGMADESIGN, a leading product development firm in the Pacific Northwest, welcomes a new addition to the company’s executive team. Don Harring joins the firm as Vice President of Business Development.

“I have known Don for over thirty years,” says Bill Huseby, CEO of SIGMADESIGN. “The wealth and breadth of experience he brings to the SIGMADESIGN team is just the right shot of adrenalin the organization needs. I couldn’t be more excited about having him on the Team.”

As Vice President of Business Development, Harring builds relationships with current and future clients in a variety of industries located worldwide. Serious about understanding the value that SIGMADESIGN brings to its clients, he adeptly uses that knowledge to focus the firm on client needs.


Harring’s keen ability to focus on client needs is partly the result of his wealth of experience gained as an Integration Manager at Hewlett-Packard (HP). There he merged eight companies into the mother company, successfully integrating the best capabilities each company had to offer. Expertly, Harring uses his experience at SIGMADESIGN to position the firm for long-term success. This is based on the value it offers to each of its clients. Harring shares, “Understanding a client’s specific needs enables us to bring them value throughout a project, we learn the details in order to do that. The beauty about SIGMADESIGN is that it is both a service company and a product development company. From concept through production, we use in-depth techniques and insights to develop business with customers.”


Regarding Harring’s vision for the Business Development team, he explains, “I am a competitor and I fundamentally believe that business is a lot about competition. It’s not necessarily that you have to win at everything, but you really have to pick and choose what things you are going to win at, and what things you aren’t. I believe that I can help SIGMADESIGN decide what it is going to be the best at. And build Business Development capabilities needed to deliver.”


Harring holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University. He began his career as an R&D and Manufacturing Engineer and later transitioned into a variety of managerial positions in technology, marketing, and R&D divisions. More recently, as a successful Integration Manager, Harring integrated eight companies into HP, ranging from small 20 person technology tuck-ins to a $500M in Revenue multi-national company. His strengths include delivering on revenue goals while integrating Marketing and Sales functions, Product Roadmap delivery while integrating R&D functions, and organization design and implementation.


SIGMADESIGN, a product design and engineering firm headquartered in Vancouver, WA, offers professional services that support projects from concept through production. SIGMADESIGN provides turnkey solutions for projects through solid engineering, broad experience, and focused execution.  Founded in 1994 to serve product design needs of the US Pacific Northwest, the firm now serves a worldwide client base. From multiple U.S. locations and an office in Singapore, the firm offers a full range of services for Product Design, Automation and Manufacturing. In-house specialties include Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Firmware and Software Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Machine Shop/Part Fabrication, Product Testing, Manufacturing, Logistics and Shipping, and On-site Consulting.