Global Trade in Vancouver, WA

Goods and Services valued at $28.5 billion were exported from Portland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in 2014. The MSA is made up of five Oregon counties and two Washington counties. In Oregon, these counties include Columbia, Washington, Yamhill, Multnomah and Clackamas. In Washington, these counties include Clark and Skamania. The MSA is one of the nation’s top areas for global trade.

SIGMADESIGN Featured in Beyond

SIGMADESIGN is featured in the June 2016 edition of Beyond, the Alaska Airlines Horizon Edition In-flight Magazine. In the article “A World of Opportunity,” writer Susan Goracke highlights several Portland-area companies achieving notable global-trade success. Companies in the piece include: Chris King Precision Components (p. 27), DePaul Industries Packaged Products (p. 30), Cycle Dog Pet Products (p.84), and SIGMADESIGN (p.85).

More About Global Trade

Read the full article or see a PDF of the excerpt on SIGMADESIGN below.  For more about global trade and other business opportunities in the Portland area, visit such sites as, and