PRESS RELEASE: New Manufacturing Facility Comes to SW Washington


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A New Manufacturing Facility Comes to SW Washington

Vancouver, WA – (January 12, 2015)SIGMADESIGN announces the opening of a new manufacturing facility in East Vancouver, Washington.

Production is slated to start at the new manufacturing facility in April 2015. The existing building site located at the north end of building #2 at the SEH campus (formerly Hewlett Packard) on 34th Avenue is over 20,000 square feet and will be dedicated exclusively to manufacturing. Improvements to the building including development of office spaces, production and shipping/receiving areas will occur during the next 3 months in preparation for an April 2015 start date. The manager of the facility Brian Blume is a Sigma Design Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience. He will oversee the manufacturing operations in the new facility.

Bill Huseby, owner of SIGMADESIGN a downtown Vancouver product design and engineering firm, is excited about what more manufacturing in Vancouver means for the community. The task now is to rapidly implement the facility improvements and hire staff needed to support the facility. “Initially, we plan to add about 20 new folks including Engineers, Technicians, Operators and support staff,” says Huseby and that “At times this will grow to over 100 in temporary staff as needs change.”

The facility opening will bring more jobs and more manufacturing back to the U.S. It will also provide growth opportunities for SIGMADESIGN and the local community. This will open the door for more local manufacturing. According to Huseby, “We are seeing changes in product processes that have companies today rethinking the locations of their manufacturing operations.” It is starting to make more sense to manufacture in the western hemisphere again. At SIGMADESIGN, we are very pleased to be part of the solution and look forward to performing manufacturing  in Vancouver, WA. SIGMADESIGN is very well positioned to help our customers make these transitions when they feel the time is right.

Electronics design and manufacturing have been significant industries in Clark County since the 1970’s when the county began to attract investments in electronics. This became one of the most important local industries in the 1990’s and remains so today, despite the loss of about one-third of its employment base in the 2001 recession. Wafertech, Hewlett Packard, SEH America and Linear Technology are important employers in this sector.


SIGMADESIGN, Inc. is a product design and engineering firm offering professional services that support projects from concept through production. SIGMADESIGN was founded in Vancouver, WA in 1994 and operates in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area and world-wide through offices in the Pacific Northwest and Singapore. The firm offers a full range of services from Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software and Firmware Development through all phases of prototyping, testing and manufacturing.