Eric Roby

Sigma Design Hires Erik Roby, Mechanical Engineer

We’re excited to be adding new members to our Sigma Design team! We’ll be introducing them to you over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned. To start off, meet one of our newest Mechanical Engineers, Erik Roby!

ERIK ROBY | Mechanical Engineer

Erik is a University of Washington graduate with over five years of experience designing products for the medical, energy, athletic, and aerospace industries in the Portland and Seattle areas.

Here’s what he says about himself:

Role at Sigma: Mechanical Engineer. Terrible foosball player.

Best thing about working at Sigma: The nearest post office drop box is more convenient than it was at my last job. And the people are pretty awesome.

First or oddest job: I worked at McDonald’s… for nine hours… then quit to work in a sheet metal fab shop instead.

Favorite leisure activity: Sleeping.

Favorite food: My mom’s spaghetti, which is much better than The Old Spaghetti Factory’s.

Favorite book or movie: The Big Lebowski.

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