The Quick-Turn Tool Gets Client’s Production Line Running Again

by Ben Mergen, Mechanical Engineer

At SIGMADESIGN, there is never a dull moment.  The variety of projects, from consumer electronics to medical equipment, keeps each department on their toes every day.  Recently, our design, machining, and lab capabilities were put to an extreme test.  One of our customers was faced with a sudden problem when a production line issue resulted in highly defective products.  Unable to slow production down for long, our customer asked us to design a brand new quick-turn tool to deal with this critical problem.  The tool seemed simple at first with only a few mechanical motions.  However, it needed to interact with very delicate parts.  Ergonomics and usability were also a concern, given the high-volume production line environment.  Thus precise design, careful material selection and gentle part interaction were absolutely imperative to the success of this tool.  This job had to be done with intense speed combined with perfection.  The mechanical engineers, machinists, and lab technicians at SIGMADESIGN collaborated to ensure the design was flawless, the bearing rails provided smooth and precise motion, and the tool was adjustable to allow for fine-tuning on the production line.


When our customer came to us with this pressing need, they were counting on our experience, adaptability, and enthusiasm to get the job done.  And we did just that.  Tuesday, June 5th, was the first time our customer contacted us about their problem.  On Wednesday, June 6th, we received the CAD files and quoted the project.  The Purchase Order was sent to us on Sunday, June 10th.  By Tuesday, June 12th, the preliminary architecture was complete.  The next day, Wednesday, June 13th, the final design was reviewed and completed.  The design was released to fabrication on Thursday, June 14th.  By Thursday, June 21st, the tool was built, tested, and delivered to our customer in Vancouver to be hand carried to SE Asia.  That’s just thirteen days from receipt of the Purchase Order to the completion of this brand new and complex tool.


When it reached SE Asia, this tool successfully fixed the complications on the production line and our customer was able to get back in business.  Here at SIGMADESIGN, that is what we like to call “Engineering Success”- combining engineering, experience, and execution so that our clients can get back to what they do best.  Perhaps you have a challenge similar to the one mentioned here.  Perhaps you are running out of time and resources necessary to get your product designed.  SIGMADESIGN can help.  With a team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, machinists, and lab technicians, we are ready and eager to tackle any issue that is keeping you from getting your product out the door on time.  Give us a call.  You won’t be disappointed. 360.693.2600.